Bridal Portraits at Rock Chapel in Carmel, LA - Shreveport Louisiana Wedding Photographer

When I first learned about Rock Chapel, I KNEW I had to do a session there. The quiet beauty of the tiny church in the thick Louisiana woods looks almost like a fantasy.

"Nestled among the trees, high on a bluff, in all of its humble glory, beauty and mystery is the Rock Chapel. It was constructed in 1891 by Carmelite monks from the nearby Carmelite Monastery.  Stones from the surrounding area were gathered and joined together with mud plaster, it is a work of great beauty.  The walls were painted with beautiful, colorful frescos and the ceiling murals were painted by two monks from France.The Chapel was used as a retreat by the monks.  The Rock Chapel was originally a part of the nearby larger monastery.  At one time approximately sixty men and boys were under the tutelage of Father Peters.  It is recorded that six nuns also resided at the larger monastery in the convent.  In 1891 Father Peters left and was soon followed by the nuns.  On November 14, 1904, fire destroyed the larger church and Carmelite monastery.  The Rock Chapel and its marked graves are all that remain of the original Carmelite Monastery."

The chapel has been beautifully preserved by the local community. Spring flowers surround the landscaped yard adding to the quiet beauty of this historical treasure. When Hanah Barmore of Southern Glam Makeup Artistry contacted me about doing a styled shoot, I knew Rock Chapel was the perfect location!

Our model, Kristi, got married in Ruston just a few weeks after our session.

Isn't she beautiful? It turns out, her sister works with mine and Hanah's husbands. Small world!

Oh man, that lighting!

Hanah did a KILLER makeup job!


As you can tell, we had a lot of fun!

Hanah to the rescue!

My lights turned against me that day, so we lit this shot with my iPhone. Improvisation for the win!

I love this outtake because she looks like a Sesame Street character!

Kristi, thank you for the opportunity to take your bridal portraits. Also, huge thanks to Southern Glam Makeup Artistry for donating your talent and putting this shoot together!