"Will You Marry Me?"

This is an event I never thought I would see, much less photograph! My husband's Lieutenant said he would never get married, so when I got his message to photograph his surprise proposal to his beautiful girlfriend Rhonda, I nearly fell out of my chair! 

Rhonda and her friends went out to what they thought was a girl's day at Holly Hills Farm, while Lieutenant Chavis and I hid waiting for her! He painted signs saying "Will", "you", "marry", "me", and "yes" and set them against the jumps that she was going to ride with her horse, Romeo. When she started to ride, Lieutenant Chavis snuck to the last jump with the "Yes" sign and waited for her on one knee. Her reaction was priceless! 

I'm so honored that he thought of me to be a part of this important time in his life, and proud of him for thinking ahead to hire a photographer! 

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