For me, dog photography has never been about business.

My love of dog photography stemmed from my obsessive love for my own three dogs (and every other dog I see), and my passion for dog rescue. If you're like me, you probably have thousands of photos of your dogs on your phone (my camera roll has just shy of 30,000 images right now). Even with thousands of iPhone photos of my dogs, I realized that I had NO photos of them displayed in our home. I sorted through photos for hours and found that none of my photos of them were even print quality. Off to the yard we went!

I quickly realized that photography dogs is WAY different than photographing people. After years of education and practice, I've developed methods that allow me to capture each dog's beauty and personality, whether in the studio or on location. I work with the parents before and during the session to learn about each dog's quirks, likes, dislikes, and behavior so that my clients get the most out of their session time.

I am always told at the beginning of a session, "You may not get any good pictures. My dogs aren't photogenic (won't sit still, etc)." However, with lots of patience, I have yet to find a dog I can't photograph.

If you're hesitant to book a dog portrait session for your family, please contact me for a free in-person consultation where we can discuss your specific needs.