Hey y'all!

I'm Rachel.




I've been an artist for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I saved my allowance to develop film from my leopard-print camera at the Jonesville Fred's, and could hardly contain my excitement to hold those slick, shiny prints in my hands. I carried a camera with me everywhere, and in college, organizations began asking me to photograph events for them. Almost by accident, a career was born.

In 2010 I discovered how much I enjoy photographing weddings. A giddy groom with shaky hands, a handkerchief of tears from a father's first look, the bride's radiant smile right before she kisses her forever prince... These little details are the things I want you to remember and treasure for the rest of your life.

I also find great joy in photographing families and pets, and specialize in studio pet portraiture. After a years of caring for dogs, cats, mice, and even hedgehogs, I became involved in animal rescue as a transport and foster volunteer. Combining my love of photography and animals in the form of pet photography is as good as life gets!

On any given day, you can find me cozied up with my husband and three dogs editing and watching How I Met Your Mother reruns. I love leather boots, true crime, rock and alternative music, animal rescue, literature, and asking strangers if I can pet their dogs.

Years from now, as you crack open your wedding album, I want you to feel the love that surrounded you, remember the way your dress twirled on the dance floor, and feel how your heart raced right before you said, "I do." One day you’ll stop to look at a hanging photo of your cherished furry friend, and remember the way they bounced up and down when you got home every day, the way their nose tickled your face when they kissed you, and how full your heart felt when you held them in your arms.

When you look at your photos, I want you to feel love.


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Me, my husband, and our three dogs: Molly, Flash, and Maggie. Photo by Kristina Banks Photography

Me, my husband, and our three dogs: Molly, Flash, and Maggie. Photo by Kristina Banks Photography